I have been and continue to be amazed by people’s resiliency and the power they have to change themselves and make their lives better. Part of the reason I became a therapist was because of my innate curiosity to learn where someone came from, what their experiences were growing up, and what their beliefs about themselves might be. Getting to know your story helps me join and support you on your path to insight and healing. 

Together we will work on identifying blind spots and unconscious beliefs that might be thwarting personal growth. Whether you are coming to see me because you want to talk about a painful experience, are seeking new coping skills, or are just feeling stuck, we will work together to help you move forward and obtain a healthier state of mind.

I am passionate about working with people from all different backgrounds and cultures. I enjoy working with people who are grappling with everyday issues that may be directly affecting their work, relationships, or just day-to-day life. Because of my personal interests in running and endurance sports, I also enjoy working with athletes around challenges such as training/race anxiety, confidence issues, grief and loss due to injury, or post-race blues that might come up during and after their training. I am also interested in the mind-body connection and how EMDR, meditation, and relaxation can help the body heal or manage physical discomfort.